Best Crayon Lipstick Tutorial - How To Make - Ms Toi

Make vibrant non-toxic lipstick colors using crayons! Did you know that your lipstick may contain unsafe levels of lead? A study by the FDA showed that many of the lipsticks from our favorite beauty brands contain high levels of lead. Exposure to lead can be hazardous to human health. Learn how you can avoid the risks. Try this easy, do it yourself lipstick recipe using crayons for a safe, non-toxic lipstick. Get the recipe for crayon lipstick at Visit my blog for the link to the FDA study For information on the food-grade essential oils I use visit Click Here To Subscribe! Also visit Ms Toi on: Facebook : Twitter : Blog : Music from Under Creative Commons License 3.0 Song: "Sun and Sand" FTC Disclosure: This is not a sponsored video. All items in video were purchased by Ms Toi at Sevananda Health Food Co-op.

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